Friday, 21 November 2014

Ancient Sky - with a flock of pigeons.

A quick thank you for all the comments over the last week - normal service is about to resume!

This is a shot I took at Stonehenge earlier in the year, and I really liked the flock of pigeons.  Unfortunately, they did just a single fly-past and headed for the horizon!

But I like it none the less.

You can find more skies and less pigeons (look at about 3 o'clock on the picture) at Skywatch Friday.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wild Bird Wednesday 123 - Crested Tern

I involved in a wee bit of work travel early this week, so this will be a brief post.

These birds as Crested Terns - Sterna bergii - and they are the tern I most commonly see.  In some ways these are my 'default' terns and I find others by noticing that they are not this one!

They are rather more relaxed than some other birds and give photographers a better chance to get close to them.

I am also very fond of them because I saw some on my very first day in Australia!

The flight shots were all taken near Queenscliff and the birds sitting on the jetty are at Swan bay.

Now its over to you - click the blue button and away you go.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Surrey Hills Music Festival

I spent an hour of so at the Surrey Hills Music festival this weekend - this is a very small scale and very local event, but it was fun none the less.  There were rather too many choirs and gospel groups for my general tastes.  But that says more about me than about the music!

There were a couple of people playing in the street and one band - The Cutting - that I rather liked.  In these circumstances I have a tendency to like like music in a folk idiom most and this was a little in short supply.  These are some of the pictures I made.

You can find more images from around the world at Our World Tuesday.  SM

Monday, 17 November 2014

Reflections on Music

My kids were playing at their schools annual music evening this week - apart from taking the normal proud parent sort of shots I noticed these rather interesting reflections.

Believe it or not, these reflections are from the upright section of the school piano.  Not only did the clarity of the actual reflections take me by surprise, but the ability of modern digital cameras to capture such scenes continues to surprise me.

I think these just about classify as macro shots - and you can find more at Macro Monday2 and I Heart Macro.  SM